Mystery Game Adventure – Lower Parel



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Crack the clues and escape in just 60 minutes at the most exciting Escape Room experience in Lower Parel.
A perfect adventure that’s easy to do and right next door.

Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai

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The door opens. You step inside, the room looks just like any other apartment. Except, you suddenly notice, it has a big clock, which just started counting down. Just then you hear a click as the door shuts behind you. Leaving you locked, inside. And the clock is still counting down. Welcome to India’s first Live Escape Game. A crazy mix of clue hunting, problem solving and good old fashioned detective work, which you can play as a couple or as a group. You get 1 hour inside the Game Room, designed like an average apartment, and have to figure a way to get out. There are no skeletons in the closet that will jump at you or tunnels to dig. Which makes it a perfect adventure for even a family

What you get?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

1 hour playing time in the Game Room

Things To Know Before You BookItems that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Rooms will be allocated according to availability. If you have a preference, please mention it in the Comments section while making your booking.
Age Limit: Minimum age of participants is 13 years under supervision of an adult. Anyone 15 years or above can participate without supervision.
Physical Requirements: None
Cancellation Policy: Bookings once confirmed cannot be cancelled, transferred or rescheduled. This is a non-refundable booking.

  1. Getting started a

    This is an exclusive experience, so only your group will be in the room. Rooms will be allocated according to availability.

    The Game Rooms available at this location are:
    The Lock-up Mystery: Help an innocent Professor clear his name and escape from jail.
    The Diamond Maze: Find Emperor Yuramoto’s stolen 20-carat diamond in a puzzling maze.
    The Stolen Painting: Find an international Art Thief and recover the stolen painting.

    After a short briefing, the Game Master will let you in, and lock the door behind you. Only your group will be inside the Game Room.

  2. Your time starts now a

    You have 60 minutes to find the hidden clues and figure a way out.
    The Game Master will sneak in a few hints every now and then to help you along.
    The gameplay helps you hone your detective skills and experience the thrill of live-mystery like no other. 
    Remember, in the Game Room no one can hear you scream. Except the Game Master.

Is the Date you are looking for not available?Give us a call on 9022270033 and we’ll bribe the Seller for you.

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Number of People

Not at all, in fact 95% of the bookings are done by adults.

The number of clues depends on the game master

You can have maximum of 8 people per room

Overall Rating
Hetal M
Reviewed On 07/06/2016

It was the most amazing way to spend the afternoon. I had loads of fun and I'll definitely do this again. It was fun to put on the detectives hat and solve the mystery

Sujay M
Reviewed On 10/02/2016

It was an awesome experience. Well worth a try. Definitely game to try other adventures as well.

Karthik G
Reviewed On 25/05/2015

Super Stimulating and a lot of Fun. Very well done

Vinita B
Reviewed On 14/04/2015

Fun Fun Fun


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