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A magic workshop for Adults and Kids by a professional magician, which includes learning 6 tricks and a magic kit to take home.

Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Dadar, Mumbai

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You don’t have to run into a brick wall to learn magic. Let a professional Magician teach you 6 different magic tricks, which is all you need to bring out the Potter in you. And take home your very own magic kit which has 12 magic tricks and a step-by-step instructional video to teach you each one of them.

You won’t learn any spells in your Magic Workshop, but sure will learn how to keep you friends spellbound. They won’t believe their eyes when they see you change the colour of objects, read their minds, manipulate dimensions with balls and glasses and even do some awesome card tricks!

What you get?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

1 hour group workshop
Magic Kit with 12 magic tricks and instructional video

Things To Know Before You BookItems that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Booking must be made for minimum 2 people
The tricks taught are preset and cannot be changed
Age Limit: Participants must be 8 years of age or older
Physical Requirements:
Cancellation Policy: 15 Days prior to the Experience Date – 10% cancellation fee
14 to 6 Days prior to the Experience Date – 50% cancellation fee
Less than 6 Days prior to the Experience Date – No Refund
Reschedule Policy: One change of date permitted with a minimum of 6 days notice BEFORE the start date of the Experience. New date must be chosen at time of rescheduling.

  1. Step inside the box a

    The experience is conducted at a popular magic props shop.

    The Instructor, a professional Magician, will first perform the tricks, so you can observe it carefully, and then show you how it’s done.


  2. The theatre of magic a

    While the kit and props are important, it is how you do the trick that matters most. You will get to perform the trick repeatedly in front of a professional, who will give you important tips. This is something you can’t get on YouTube.


  3. A complete package a

    You will learn 6 magic tricks in your 1 hour workshop. Plus, you’ll get your very own Magic Kit that has everything you need to perform the 6 tricks you learnt plus 6 different tricks. The kit also comes with an instructional video, which recaps the tricks you learnt, and shows you how to do 6 new ones too.

Is the Date you are looking for not available?Give us a call on 9022270033 and we’ll bribe the Seller for you.

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Number of People

Absolutely not, this  Experience is often booked by adults and is quite a hit amongst couples as well.


The workshop is conducted by a professional magician who has got over 15 years of experience.


Children below 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The booking has to be done for minimum two people.

Overall Rating
jennifer mulchandani
Reviewed On 15/11/2017

Had a great experience with the Magic Show and the manner in which it was handled and booked was seamless!!

Karan M
Reviewed On 15/11/2017

I was gifted this experience and it was a lot of fun. Apart from learning the secrets behind these tricks, I loved the fact that we were shown how to "Perform" and "Misdirect" the audience, which is an art form that few give out.

Reviewed On 06/04/2017

Anand-bracadabra! If you like magic and want to have some fun with your partner or friends you should try this. Anand, the magican, was great! The tricks are spot on and easy to learn. He definitely turned us in to budding Harry Potters!

Vishal S
Reviewed On 15/11/2013

It was magical!! Was pleasantly surprised by the small group size, that allowed personal attention. And opportunity to practice and get feedback. Much more than i was expecting. ...can't wait to practice and find an audience! Thanks guys! Great job! :)


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