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A crime mystery game organised at your home by a real Forensic Investigator who will teach you to lift fingerprints, collect evidence and solve the crime.

Duration: 2 Hours
Location: Your Location, Mumbai

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There you are, having a nice time at home with your friends. You step out of the room for a second, and when you come back – holy CSI, there’s been a murder! There’s blood on the walls, a smoking gun (recently fired, not recently addicted to tobacco), fingerprints and lots more forensic evidence. Fortunately, there’s also a professional Forensic Investigator in your room, who is going to show you how to solve the crime.The CSI Experience brings to live all your favourite crime shows, letting you play a CSI Detective and go totally Dexter over blood splatter. You will get to collect evidence from a crime scene, send it for lab work, get reports and crack the case. This is no detective game; your instructor is a real Forensic Investigator who will teach you how the professionals do it. With fancy stuff, like Financial Forensics, Call records and the works.

What you get?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

2 hours Forensic Science Workshop for Adults

Forensics Investigator kit to use for the duration of the experience

Things To Know Before You BookItems that are not included in the cost of tour price.

If you have a larger group or need a customized option, our Party Team will be happy to help.


Age Limit: Participants must be 16 years of age or older

Physical Requirements: None

Cancellation Policy: 15 Days prior to the Experience Date – 90% amount refunded
14 to 6 Days prior to the Experience Date – 50% amount refunded
Less than 6 Days prior to the Experience Date – No refund

Reschedule Policy: One change of date permitted with a minimum of 6 days notice BEFORE  the start date of the Experience. New date must be chosen at time of rescheduling.

  1. Learning to do it like a pro a

    The Forensic Investigator will start with a theory session, explaining how real-life Investigators work on a crime scene, how to maintain evidence integrity and follow clues. You will also learn how to dust for fingerprints and analyze them to find a match. Using slides, the instructor will familiarize you with the different types of tests and analysis you can run, and the equipment required.

  2. Step into the scene a

    The Investigator will recreate a crime scene in your home, with evidence and clues for you to find. You and your guests can work in teams or as individuals.  
    Once you’ve worn your lab coats, gloves and other gear, you can enter the crime scene to begin making notes and collecting evidence.

  3. A scientific approach a

    All the evidence you bag can be submitted for testing. While we wait for the lab results, you can pour through the list of suspects, their financial forensics, telephone records and statements.

  4. Putting it all together a

    Based on the reports you get, you can continue your investigation, narrowing down to a conclusion on who is the real perpetrator (and no, you can’t frame your shirtless neighbour for it).
    You present your final report to your instructor, who will reveal if you got your man, or woman.

Is the Date you are looking for not available?Give us a call on 9022270033 and we’ll bribe the Seller for you.

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Number of People

Not at all, the Investigator gets a portable set-up which is just placed on the floor, there will be no damage at all to your place.

Absolutely, we have done this experience for groups as large as 80-100 people as well.

This experience does not involve role-playing all the characters in the game will be fictitious.

While this experience is for adults, we have a variant for Kids as well. Do get in touch with us for details.

We can arrange a Detective Kit for approximately Rs. 375/- per piece which will include Gloves, face masks, hair masks, magnifying glass.

Overall Rating
Reviewed On 23/04/2017


Aditi M
Reviewed On 18/01/2017

Unique, engaging and thought provoking. Kudos to the activity facilitator.

Malav M
Reviewed On 20/11/2016

It was fantastic..the party rocked..thank you so much..

Tejasvini S
Reviewed On 28/06/2016

I booked this activity for my daughter's 18th birthday, because her dream job is to be a forensic expert. This is her feedback on the experience: "The experience was fun! Felt good to live my dream through this activity.. It was really nice to actually get to solve a case keeping aside the fact that it was a mere activity! When we were provided with the gloves, face masks, lab coats and caps, it made the experience all the more realistic.. Overall the experience was the best that I ever had!" Thank you BlueBulb.

Apnavi Y
Reviewed On 06/08/2015

Apart from being something different, this activity had a lot of learning. We all are in awe of how the forensics work and to be honest wearing those lab coats and acting all dexter and sherlock was the coolest thing ever. Our colleagues from Norway appreciated the overall flawlessly executed activity. The real time forensic expert was an awesome guide and even better when it comes to handling teams. So needless to say that we LOVED IT!!! I foresee a long and the most awesome tie-up with BlueBulb by Miles IT.


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