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4 Best Art Workshops in Mumbai this Month

Updated: 12 September 2017

Art Workshops in Mumbai are a brilliant way to spend a weekend trying something new. You don’t need to have any experience to join one of these fun events. Right from Social Painting workshops to a DIY craft session, these Creative Workshops provide you with all the art supplies you need, professional instructors and are usually set in a pub or cafe in Mumbai, so you can grab a drink while you doodle away.

With so many art workshops happening every month in Mumbai, it can get hard to choose. Which is why we have hand-picked these weekend activities that are an absolute must-try.


Ceramic Painting Workshop at Kalaghoda

When: 16 Sept

Where: The Boston Butt, Kalaghoda

What is it about:

Learn how to hand-paint your existing ceramic crockery, bake them in your tiny oven at home and turn them super awesomilicous, and completely food-safe. But hey, this ain’t an art workshop, this is a fun workshop. Perfect for anyone who can’t paint, draw, hold a brush or spell it for that matter. You can go Picasso or just splash your plate with colour and call it modern art. Either way, you are going to have a very relaxing Saturday, along with some snacks and a hot cuppa or a signature mocktail.

This 3 hours workshop will be your first step into the wonderful world of upcycling. Everything you learn at the workshop will be techniques you can repeat at home. And breathe fresh life, or colour, into all your old crockery.

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Box Painting Workshop

When: 23 Sept

Where: Dadar E

What is it about:

Painting on wood is a fun and relaxing experience as it uses large brush strokes and is very easy, even for someone who’s never held a brush before. Try this on a large wooden box, made from recycled wood, which you can spruce up into a functional art deco piece for your home.

The techniques you’ll learn at the Box Painting Workshop can be used to paint old wooden objects at home and give them a fresh lease of life.

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Bhil Painting On Canvas Bag

When: 24 Sept

Where: Doolally Taproom – Andheri W

What is it about:

The rich cultural tradition of the Bhils of Madhya Pradesh is manifested in their rituals, their songs and dances, their community deities, tattoos, myths and lore. Their homes reveal an innate sense of aesthetics. Walls are plastered every year and decorated with clay relief work, mittichitra and paintings. Everything connected with the Bhil life is painted – the Sun, the Moon, animals, trees, insects, rivers, fields, mythological figures and unique Gods. Bhil Art is an interesting play of colours creating dotted illusions.

Learn this beautiful tribal art and how to apply it in a modern and practical manner with the Bhil Painting on a Canvas Bag workshop.

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Spray Painting Experience

When: All days

Where: Chembur

What is it about:

Paint brush too tiny for you big fingers? Think art should be done with a shotgun? Then you need help buddy . But while they find a straitjacket of your size, why not try the coolest way to paint anything – a spray can! Aerosolgrafia, unlike its street cousin Graffiti, is done on art paper or any portable object. No, your little sister is not considered as a portable object.

The 2.5 hour Spray Painting Workshop will introduce you to this super fun art, and includes a very cool “inspiration” session to help you unclutter your mind. At the workshop you will paint the “Planets at Night” (see image above), a perfect learning tool to help you practice your skills.

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