No matter what kind of day you are having, we are about to make it better!
We like butts. We like ours, we like yours, we just don’t like sitting on them.
Because honestly there’s so much to do!
Whether you are looking for something special to do on your anniversary, run away for the weekend or go caving in Meghalaya; you’ll find it here.
We’ve hand-picked every Experience Providers, verified the activity details and sacrificed two goats and one carrot (for the vegetarians) to the God of Guarantees.
But we also sleep with our phones by our bed, so if an experience is not quite what you expected, you know who to call.

What We Do

Local Experiences

Take a 2 hour vacation and try something fun in your city. Learn a sport, paint a wall, join a walk, make Sushi. Or find something to do, that you hadn’t even thought about.

Weekend Getaways

All-inclusive curated breaks that get you out of the city with a bunch of folks as nut as you. Think moonlit lakes, wine trails, waterfall treks and breakfast on the beach.


The cutest B&Bs, homestays and boutique stays that are an absolute treat to stay in. Because some weekends all you want to do is nothing.

Experience Travel

Do things, eat weird stuff and see places even the locals don’t know about. These multi-day trips are perfect for the adventurer who wants to do more than visit a place and click a selfie.


Whether it is party for 10 year old kids or 40 year old kids, coming up with something “new” and “exciting” is harder than the Sunday crossword, in Swahili. Luckily, you’ve got us.

Gift Vouchers

Our Experiences make great gifts. In a recent study, 95% of people polled preferred getting a Blue Bulb Experience over handkerchiefs. The other 5% must have had a runny nose.

Awesome @ Work

Your next Employee Engagement or Team Outing doesn’t have to be dinner and drinks, again. It doesn’t even have to be out.

Awesome Rewards

A Paragliding Experience or a box of dry fruits, which of these is most likely to get your Employees to name their first born after you?

What Our Customers Say

Shuchi G
Shuchi G Thanks Blue Bulb - for all taken care of trip for water sports in Kolad ! Well organised , good food & super fun.. ...
Goldwyn B
Goldwyn B Had booked 3 seperate experiences with Blue Blub and each of them was amazing .... Professionals to the core ... Really great ... Can't describe it in words, you have to experience it.
Akshaya V
Akshaya V The Blue Bulb experience was superb. From booking to payments and then reminders before the event, everything was perfect. Especially their witty and funny communication via emails was something to look forward to. I'd love to book ... Read More
Ankur S
Ankur S Very friendly team who booked the pottery experience for me and my wife. The experience was wonderful and soothing. I appreciate their initiative of a post session feedback to make sure everything went well.
Geetimollika I found their service to be very good, across the whole customer touch points. They were sincere and quick in their follow ups, were able to clear my doubts better and quicker than the others vendors.

What The Press Says

Our Partners

Friendly folks who do what they love, love what they do and are bloody good at it too

Work @ BlueBulb

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing normal about the way we work. We are in a market that didn’t even exist a few years ago and constantly finding new things to do, and old things to change. Everyone throws in ideas, everyone takes turns picking breakfast and everyone gets the Employee Discount on our experiences.

Contact Us

Got a question? Or a suggestion? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line, call us, chat with us, send us a carrier pigeon, or better yet, a carrier chicken (we like our meat white and our t-shirts black).



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