Tighten your shorts, practice your prayers and get ready to ride nature’s rollercoaster in this once-in-a-lifetime White Water Rafting experience on the Barapole River in Coorg.  The 4 kms stretch is loaded with crazy Class 3, 4 and even 5 rapids that will hurl you screaming all the way. Aptly named Morning Coffee, Grasshopper, Wicked Witch and Big Bang these rapids offer one of the most challenging rafting experiences in the South. Oh and did we mention, it is just a few hours drive from you?

The Barapole River is the most popular White Water Rafting destination in Karnataka, with top-notch rafts and guides. A catchment area of enormous rainfall during the south-west monsoon runs off into the upper stretches of the Barapole River creating this amazing white water rafting stretch for a limited time.

Your experience begins with a briefing session as your rafting guide takes you through the different paddling techniques, safety instructions and what to do when you fall out of the raft.

You need to have no rafting experience, or even know to swim. You will be wearing a helmet and life jacket throughout the experience.

Once divided into groups, you’ll board your raft and head down the river. With your guide’s help you will battle each rapid, get wet, and then even more wet, scream, pray and finally survive the entire 4 kms without falling off. Only to have your friends throw you into the water.

You can end your session with a nice swim in the river.

What you get

4 kms rafting experience

Life jackets, helmets, rafting guide

Pick-up and drop from KKR Junction to the rafting point and back

Things to know

Minimum age is 11 years.

Minimum weight is 35 kgs and maximum weight is 110 kgs

Fitness levels: Moderate. Rafting is not a power sport but please disclose all known medical conditions to your guides so that they can be prepared

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White Water Rafting at Baraploe


At Barapole River, Show me

On All days of the week

      Anytime between

      9 am and 3 pm

The Experience

Rs. 1,199

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Knowledge of Swimming: Not Required

Attire: No Sari or loose/bulky clothing, Shoes or Floaters (bare feet not allowed). To prevent injury to yourself or damage to the raft, you are not allowed to carry anything on you, including wrist watches and jewelry.

Cancellation Policy

5 Days or more in advance – 5% cancellation fee

Less than 5 Days in advance – 100% cancellation fee. No refund.


For 1.5 - 2 hours

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