Bring out the little village boy in you as we spend the day fishing in the pond, riding buffaloes in the river, eating our fresh catch and then finding a nice place for a nap. No wonder those little boys always look so happy!

This is one fully packed day of doing almost nothing. You and your group will be accompanied by a guide who will take you around the 60 acre agro-farm, from one activity to another. The perfect way to spend a lazy weekend enjoying some fresh air and delicious food.

Start of with a crash course in fishing, where you will learn rod fishing, village style. You’ll also learn about the types of fish, their habits and how to find them.

After a relaxing time by the pond, it is time to work up an appetite. And what better way than to ride a buffalo, in a river.  Oh yes, this is a real thing. Loads of fun too. These huge animals love to swim in the river and can easily carry a grown man without blinking an eye. The river also has several shallow spots where you can swim or just splash around.

Soon, the aroma of your fish being fried will have you running out, preferably with your shorts on. After a delicious village lunch, it is time to capture a tree and curl up under it. It’s the only way to really enjoy that big meal.

But hey we came to fish, and that’s what we’ll do again. A nice chance to improve your angling skills. And hopefully get picture of you with a big monster fish. Though the big guy might try to pull you into the water to show you off to his friends. Yeah fish are crazy that way.

You end the day with a warm cup of masala chai as the sun heads home to sleep.

What you get

Village style veg breakfast

Village style veg lunch with one non-veg dish

Fishing equipment

Things to know

Participants must be atleast 12 years of age to fish. Younger kids can accompany the group.

Your entire experience is conducted in an agro-farm where fish are bred in huge ponds. The ponds have plenty of

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Village Fishing Experience


Rs. 999/- per person

Rs. 2,299/- per couple

At Neral  Show me

On All days of the week

      10 am to 5 pm

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For 1 day


prawns and carp (rohu, carla) among others.

The farm is a popular weekend destination, and gets around 100 – 200 visitors on an average weekend.

Common washrooms and changing facilities are available.

A non-fishing experience is also available.


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