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A selection of experiences and things to do in Mumbai that are available “only this month.”

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Ceramic Painting Workshop

Rs. 1,999

For 3 hrs

Learn how to hand-paint your existing ceramic crockery, bake them in your tiny oven at home and turn them super awesomilicous, and dry-food safe. But hey, this ain’t an art workshop, this is a fun workshop. Perfect for anyone who can’t paint, draw, hold a brush or spell it for that matter. You can go Picasso or just splash your plate with colour and call it modern art. Either way, you are going to have a very relaxing weekend.





Weekend Yoga Retreat at Ayana Fort Kochi

Rs. 34,999

For 3N/4D

Take a break from the done-to-death resort and swimming pool weekends for something a little more nourishing. Treat yourself to a weekend of curated experiences that would include Natasha Mahindra’s yoga classes with live music, a discovery of the historic town of Fort Kochi in Kerala, rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and a cruise on the backwaters.




Block Printing Workshop

Rs. 1,799

For 2 hours

Can’t paint or sketch? Perfect, because with Block Printing all you need is your imagination! Lay quirky designs on your kurta, t-shirt or even spruce up your cushion covers and curtains to make your bedroom more colourful and lively.