Take to the sky for an unforgettable flight with an experienced pilot. Sit back and enjoy the breath-taking scenery as you fly in completely silence, and the world passes by under your feet. A tandem flight is really the best way to experience the beauty of flying in a paraglider. Feel the wind in you hair as you glide silently on a flight that offers you a view better than most magic carpets. All you have to do is relax in your harness, while your pilot flies your around.

You can choose from these 3 options;
Classic Tandem (8 to 10 mins): Everything a fun Tandem flight should be, a quick way to tick this off your Bucket List.
Instructional Tandem (10 to 15 mins): Get a hands on experience as the Pilot lets you take control of the glider in the air and gives you how a brief introduction to flying on your own.
Acrobatic Tandem (15 to 20 mins): A totally insane Tandem flight that’s full of scary turns, drops and screams. A one of its kind experience.

The team will meet you at the rendezvous point in Kamshet, from where you will board a shared transport vehicle (Tata Sumo) to take you to the pickup point. Cost not included in package.

Your Pilot will introduce you to the equipment, strap you into the harness. And before you can say “mummy” you’ll be up, up and away.

You’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of Kamshet and the beautiful Pavana Lake during your Tandem Paragliding. And experience the most natural flight known to man. You’ll probably get very friendly with God too ;)

Feel free to carry your camera along for the most amazing pictures. You can even try a selfie, once your hands stop shaking.

What you get

1 Tandem Paragliding Flight with an experienced pilot

Things to know

This Experience is weather dependent and can get cancelled if the wind conditions are not right.

Participants must be atleast 6 years old and not weigh more than 110 kgs for Tandem Paragliding.

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Tandem Paragliding at Lonavla


Rs. 2499 to 5999/-

      per person

         See Details

For Duration varies according to package

At Kamshet (near Lonavla)

    Show me

On All days of the week

       8 am (subject to wind conditions)

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The Experience

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Video Recording of the experience is available for an additional Rs. 1000/-. The recording will be copied to an 8GB Micro SD card to take home.

Transport and Food is not included.

We do not recommend participants take their personal vehicle to the flying site as the road is in poor condition. Participants can use shared transport services from the Meeting Point (Tata Sumo) to go to flying site at the expense of Rs. 1000 per vehicle. This vehicle accommodates around 6 people.

There is a 10-15 mins trek to the take off location from the drop point.

If the weather is perfect to fly, the activity will start immediately after the briefing. If weather isn’t suitable to fly, then we will wait for it to become perfect.

Depending on the weather conditions, the instructor will decide the sequence of participants to fly.

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