On the street, the colour of your martial arts belt has as much impact as the colour of your handbag. Though, your handbag will turn out to be a lot more useful. Which is why our Street Fighting experience cuts through the push ups and mindless exercises and focuses on what you really need to know. How to defend yourself. And how to hit, hard.

This extremely practical approach to self-defense mixes various martial art techniques to make your street smart and build your confidence. Through simulated fights and bag practice you will get over the fear of getting hit, and more importantly, of hitting someone.

The Experience

You get 6 sessions, over 3 weeks, with each session of 2 hours.

After evaluating your fitness levels and understanding your goals, your Instructor will get you kicking and punching in no time.

During your 6 sessions, you will learn how to defend yourself against a single, multiple and even armed attacker.

You will also learn how to hit, without getting hurt. We will use bag practice session to help you with this.

What you get

6 sessions in 3 weeks (Each session is for 2 hours)

A free T-shirt

Things to know

Minimum age for participants is  14 years

Please consult your doctor before starting any new fitness/exercise program

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Street Fighting


Rs. 649/- per person

For 6 sessions/3 Weeks

At Bandra W, Show Me

BOOK THIShttp://bluebulb.vacationlabs.com/trips/street-fighting-bandra/2909/book#/
BOOK THIShttp://bluebulb.vacationlabs.com/trips/street-fighting-bandra/2909/book#/
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On Mon, Wed and Fri

       7 pm

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