Paint brush too tiny for your big fingers? Think art should be done with a shotgun? Then you need help buddy . But while they find a straitjacket of your size, why not try the coolest way to paint anything – a spray can! Aerosolgrafia, unlike its street cousin Graffiti, is done on art paper or any portable object. No, your little sister is not considered as a portable object.

The 2.5 hour Spray Painting Workshop will introduce you to this super fun art, and includes a very cool “inspiration” session to help you unclutter your mind. At the workshop you will paint the “Planets at Night” (see image above), a perfect learning tool to help you practice your skills.

After a short multi-media presentation on the Mexican Art called “Aerosolgrafia”, your Instructor will introduce you to the correct method of handling spray cans – explore multiple uses of the medium, and help you understand all the surfaces on which the medium works.

You will take a short journey through time, learning about the history of the art, Graffiti and 3-D Street Art,  which are by-products of the same medium i.e. the spray cans.

The instructor will give you a live demo of how to create ART on paper with spray cans (generally without the use of a brush). You’ll step into the mind of an artist, creating textures, form, understanding perspective, thus weaving a story using nothing but imagination.

And now, armed with your spray cans, you will recreate the same painting to help you apply the skills acquired during the session.

What you get

2.5 hours workshop

Ply Boards, Art Paper, Spray Paint Cans, Disposable masks, Disposable hand-gloves, Masking tapes plus all other items required to create the Planets at Night painting

Things to know

Participants must be 8 years and above.

All participants will be taught the same painting in a session.

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Spray Painting Experience


For 2.5 hours

At Chembur, Show Me

On Mon to Fri - 11 am and 4 pm

      Saturday - 11 am

      Sunday - 4 pm

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