Before the Malls hit Bangalore, the local friendly neighbourhood markets were the place to shop or meet over weekends. Walk, shop, snack and learn a bit more about the colourful heritage and old markets that continue to brave the onslaught of the modern air-conditioned super markets.

All the culture buffs love this Walk as it is the potpourri of many religions & culture. Even if you aren’t high on culture, the huge organised Russell market with many tales, ancient religious institutions, the iconic eateries and wide variety of snacks, the street shopping, the hustle and bustle of Shivajinagar, will keep you busy and excited. For the camera wielding ones, it’s a photographer’s paradise!

Russell Market is one of the oldest structured markets in Bangalore with sections for fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry.  The area has an old world charm to it and comes complete with sights, sounds and smells of a typical Asian bazaar. It is also a foodie's delight with sheekh kebabs, quails, mutton samosas and biryani. 

Walk through the colourful sections of this planned market, visit the historic old religious centres, enjoy a snack or two from some old iconic shops while our walk lead will narrate delightful snippets of local history  in this potpourri of cultures. 

What you get

3 hour guided walk

Local snacks/brunch at the end of the walk

Things to know

While safe bottled water is available, there are no decent toilets in the area. The only toilet stop is at the end of the walk in the eatery we go for lunch.

If you have dust allergies, please do have anti allergic tablets handy.  Please also inform us beforehand if you have any food allergies.

Cancellation Policy
Less than 3 days: 100% deducted
Over 3 days: 5% deducted

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Shopping for History - Russell Market Walk


At Shivajinagar, Show me

On Saturday to Thursday

      9:30 am and 4:30 pm

The Experience

For 3 hours

Rs. 1,999 for 2 to 4 ppl

All Prices are per person

Rs. 1,499 for 5 to 10 ppl

Rs. 999 for 11 to 15 ppl

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