While baking a cake is always fun, it has never been this colourful! Learn to grab all the joy of a rainbow and bake it in a cake, and oh what a cake indeed. And, oh yes there is more, learn to make everybody’s favourite, Red Velvet, as super cute cake pops. This is going to be one very bright and happy cake baking class.

The Rainbows and Red Velvet Baking Class is a private experience that will be done just for you, so you can pick a date and time of your choice. Got a friend’s birthday coming up? Why buy a cake, when you can throw them a totally cool cake party! Don’t have friends? You’ve got us ;), you can book this just for you too (and you won’t have to share your yummy cakes either).

Unlike most baking classes, you won’t be watching someone else make it. You will be elbow deep in flour, learning to make your cakes from scratch.

You’ll apron up and head straight into Red Velvet town. The instructor will assist you in making the batter and baking it. She will also get into details on what makes the Red Velvet cake so different from regular cakes.

Next you’ll begin preparing your rainbow cake, playing with different colours to create that yummylicious look.

While the different layers of your Rainbow Cake are baking, you’ll prepare your Red Velvet cake pops and start decorating them.

Everything you make is yours to take home. Sharing it with anyone at home is purely optional ;)

What you get

3.5 hours cake baking class

All the ingredients required to bake a rainbow cake and red velvet cake pops

Things to know

Please inform the Instructor of any food allergies atleast one day before the class

Participants must be 10 years or older

All the cakes can be made without eggs too

- ~ -

Rainbows and Red Velvet – Cake Baking Class


Rs. 1999 to 1799/-

      per person

        More the people, more the fun,

           and lesser the bill ;)

For 3.5 hours

At NIBM Road, Pune

     Show me

On All days of the week

     between 10 am and 5 pm

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