The pete (pronounced pay-tay) is the oldest part of modern Bangalore. Take a walk within a fort constructed by Kempe Gowda, and straight into the past as the journey of five centuries is concisely retold in a few hours.

All the history buffs love this walk as it is the journey of a Medieval Bengaluru to the modern day IT city. Even if you aren’t high on history, the colourful markets, ancient temples, the hustle and bustle of the old streets which are today a whole sale market area will keep you busy and excited. For the camera wielding ones, it’s a photographer’s paradise!

You will be walking through one of Bangalore's oldest settlements, filled with mazes of tiny streets, communities of professionals buzzing with energy, and the typical South Indian life.

Get a view of the City’s glorious heritage, often overridden by the 'modern' side of Bangalore.

Visit the rice-pete, jeweler’s-pete, small-pete, large-pete, the little shops of local produce and century-old temples tucked away behind posters of Kannada films, where the old city breathes a different breath of today's Bangalore. 

What you get

3 hour guided walk

Local snacks/brunch at the end of the walk

Things to know

The area is a heavy traffic zone and the streets are narrow.

While safe bottled water is available, there are no decent toilets in the area. The only toilet stop is at the end of the walk in the eatery we go for brunch.

If you have dust allergies, please do have anti allergic tablets handy.  Please also inform us beforehand if you have any food allergies.

Cancellation Policy
Less than 3 days: 100% deducted
Over 3 days: 5% deducted

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Strolling through 5 Centuries – Pete Heritage Walk


At Avenue Road, Show me

On Mon, Wed to Sat

      7:30 am

The Experience

For 3 hours

Rs. 1,499 for 2 to 4 ppl

All Prices are per person

Rs. 1,099 for 5 to 10 ppl

Rs. 799 for 11 to 15 ppl

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