Paper Quilling Experience

Paper quilling lets you coil and shape your imagination into life with colourful strips of paper. Make pretty birds, showpieces and even paper jewelry. But what you will make most is nothing, because quilling is an extremely relaxing art, emptying your mind of all thought as you focus on coiling that thin strip of paper.

You will learn to make some very cool objects that will open your mind to the real potential of quilling. They are light, delicate and very intricate, and give a strong sense that someone put a lot of time in making them. Which is why quilled objects are a special gift. Anyone can spend money at a shop, but how many people care enough to spend time on a gift.

The Experience

Quilling is an ancient art which dates back to before the Renaissance Period. But your Instructor has totally pimped it out for you.

Rather than work with a readymade kit, you will learn this art right from the basics. You will cut the strips of paper required for quilling, coil your paper and stick the different pieces together.

Your instructor will show you the different shapes one can make. And how to combine these shapes to make an object.

You can accessories or decorative pieces which can be used as fridge magnets or even framed and hung.

You will go home with 2 to 4 quilled items and a new hobby that will keep challenging you at every step.

What you get

Use of quilling tools, paper supplies

2 hours quilling workshop

Things to know

Participants must be 11 years or older

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Rs. 599

For 2 hrs

At Nepeansea Road - show me

    Borivali (W) - show me

On All Days of the Week

      3 pm

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