Discover sailing along Mumbai’s picturesque shorelines in a world-class sail boat. This is one amazing experience that is sure to leave you spell bound. You’ll be treated to a sight of Mumbai’s skyline only the seagulls and dolphins know, including the beautiful south-tip of the city.

More than just a leisure sail, the Discover Sailing experience lets you get a hands-on feel of sailing an international class sail yacht with the Captain. This is an exclusive experience, so the entire boat is booked just for you.

Departing from Gateway, we sail pass some of Mumbai’s oldest lighthouses accompanied by sea gulls and the gentle splash of the water. You’ll learn the basics of sea awareness, how to orient yourself in the water, and to know exactly where you are.

Soon we’ll be passing the Naval base, a sigh reserved only for fortunate people like you, and the shipping channel where you can see huge ships heading out to distant lands. While your captain merrily rolls out steamer-loads of information about different types of boats and sea vessels.

Don’t forget to look out for submarines, they like to pop out for a peep every now and then.

Once you’ve got your sea feet, the captain will let each one of you handle the boat! You can relax on the deck, put your feet in the water and feel the water wash away the stress and every memory of the city.

The sailing experience is also ideal for people who want a relaxing break or a romantic adventure. Try and catch the sunrise or sunset for one of the most memorable sights in Mumbai.

What you get

2 hours private sailing experience (approximately 90 mins sailing + 30 mins transfer time from the Jetty to the sail boat and back)

Use of safety jacket and safety equipment on the boat

Bottled Water

Things to know

This experience is subject to weather and other conditions. If the experience can not be conducted due to weather, 3 alternate dates will be provided or a refund of up to 90% of the experience price.

The 2 hours sailing experience

- ~ -

Discover Sailing - Gateway


Rs. 3,499

per boat onwards

For 2 hours

At Gateway, Mumbai

On All days of the week

     7 am, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm

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The Experience

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includes 30 mins transfer time from the jetty to the sailboat and back.

Special add ons like decorations, picnic basket or a cake are available.


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