Fencing is a tactical combat sport that requires a sharp mind and sharper reflexes. Yet, its romantic history and graceful movements make this a sport everyone can fall in love with. Whether you are looking for a fun new workout or want to bring out the 19th century musketeer inside you, this introduction to Fencing is a must-try in Bengaluru.

Come take a slash at the most popular European sport and experience the art of modern sword fighting at Bengaluru’s first fencing club. You will learn the basics of fencing from a National-level coach over 2 days, with all the equipment provided.

Day 1
Your Instructor will start you off with a short warm-up, followed by some interesting games / activities which will help increase concentration and agility.

You will then learn the correct stance and how to move forward and back in the same stance. Based on your physical ability, the Instructor with pick a weapon best suited for you. With this weapon, you will practice the movements and stance you have just learnt.

Day 2
After a short warm-up and weapon practice it is time to test your metal. You will now engage in a sparring session with an opponent and watch your lessons turn into actions.

What you get

2 fencing lessons of 1 hour each conduced over 2 days

All safety gear and weapons required for your training

Things to know

Participants should be 10 years and above

This is a physically intensive activity and not suitable for anyone with heart ailments, joint injuries or mobility issues. Please consult your Doctor before making a booking.

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The Art of Fencing


At Indiranagar, Show me

On Weekends, 7:30 am

The Experience

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Rs. 550

For 2 days


Cancellation Policy:

More than 48 hours in advance - 5% cancellation fee

Less than 48 hours in advance - 100% cancellation fee. No refund

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