Have a total adventure blast, with the most complete package that includes everything from white water rafting on the Kundalika river to zip lining.  And all this in one day. Boy, are you going to sleep well that night.

This Kolad Adventure package is perfect for the adventure fan, who unfortunately has to work for a living and doesn’t have the time. You’ll get 4 awesome adventure activities and the chance to the chill out at a river-side camp, with all the creature comforts. Because taking a dump in the woods is for bears.

Your day starts with you screaming in fear, and joy, as you rush down a mad river in your 10 km White Water Rafting experience.

With your guide’s help you will battle each rapid, get wet, and then even more wet, scream, pray and finally survive the entire 12 kms without falling off. Only to have your friends throw you into the water.

Next, you head to the lovely campsite near the river, where you can go kayaking, try zip lining and other water-based adventure sports.

You’ll end the day with a hot cup of tea, and the sudden realization that the day just got over.

What you get

12 kms White Water Rafting experience

30 mins Kayaking experience

Banana Boat and Bumper Boat ride

River Crossing and Zip Line

Non-veg lunch

Things to know

Minimum age for White Water Rafting and Kayaking is 14 years. Children below 14 will be accepted at the instructor’s discretion

For White Water Rafting and Kayaking , minimum weight is 35 kgs and maximum weight is 120 kgs

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1 Day Adventure at Kolad


For 7.5 hours

At Kolad

On All days of the week

      From 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

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You will need to arrange for your transport, which includes;
Transfer to Kolad and back
Transfer to the White Rafting start point (approx 20 kms from the campsite)
Transfer from the rafting end point, 12 kms down the river back to the campsite.

If driving down to Kolad on your own please note that;

  1. -a Parking Fee of Rs. 50 per vehicle will be charged at the campsite

  2. -a Drive Hire Fee of Rs. 300 per driver will be charged to have someone drive your vehicle from the Rafting Start Point to the Rafting End point for you

Please feel free to talk to us and clarify your doubts before completing your booking.

Rs. 2,299 on weekends

Rs. 2,099 on weekdays