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Float with the clouds over beautiful valleys in this “straight out of a storybook” experience. Right from watching your big, colourful balloon being inflated to getting into your basket and leaving the ground, every part of this experience is truly magical. You are not flying in the sky, you are floating. Letting you soak in the wonderful display of the morning sunlight, as it paints the valley with the most fascinating colours you’ll ever see. Forget to get a camera and you’ll probably want to throw yourself off the balloon.

And what an adventure this Balloon Safari over Lonavla is! Because you know where you took off from, but you’ll never know where you land. The balloon goes with the wind, quite literally, making every safari a new voyage of discovery. You will be floating over 800 ft off the ground, high enough to be a bird and yet close enough to see local wildlife staring up at you and your colourful balloon.

Once you reach the Launch Site, your flying crew will be there to welcome you, with a warm beverage and some light snacks. To feed those butterflies in your tummy.

You can enjoy the spectacular sight of the balloons being inflated and prepared for flight.

Your crew will help you get into the balloon basket, make sure you are comfortable and take you through a very detailed briefing.

And now the adventure begins, the burners roar, the sun rises and the ground leaves you.

Your pilot will make your flight an exciting experience, taking you to spectacular heights for cloud-view of the valleys. And flying low to give you a very in-depth sight of the local landscape and wildlife.

The Balloon Safari is for 1 hour approximately, with small variations depending on the weather. Once you land, there will be a vehicle waiting to drop you back to the meeting point in Talegaon.

While your flight time is 1 hour, we recommend setting aside atleast 3-4 hours for this experience.

What you get

Transport from meeting point (Talegaon) to launch site and back

Light refreshments before the flight

Things to know

Children must be atleast 5 years old.

You will be sharing the basket with other passengers. Currently there are 8-passenger capacity baskets in use.

This experience is weather dependent. If your flight has to be cancelled

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Hot Air Balloon Safari at Lonavla


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The Experience

Rs. 10,190 Mon to Thurs

For 1 hour

At Lonavla

On All days of the week

     6 am

because of weather conditions, you can re-book it for another date.

The Seller has a strict No Cancellation - No Refund policy.

Rs. 11,755 Fri to Sun


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