Learn the basics of photography from a professional and let your creativity take flight. If you are planning to buy a DSLR soon or you own one and want better results than you are getting, than this is the Experience for you. Media professional, Sangramsingh Chauhan will start with the basics of a DSLR and show you how to harness the full potential of your camera, all in the comfort of your home.

This is a two-day, 7 hour one-on-one experience, which is entirely hands-on and customized to your requirements. There is a 3 to 5 days break between your 2 sessions, to give enough time for all the questions and problems to pop up :).

Day 1 (5 Hours): Your experience will begin with a theory session covering exposure (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO), white balance, concepts, depth of field, framing, composition, lenses.

Next you will say good bye to the Auto mode on your camera forever as we move to shooting in Manual mode.

The best part of this being a one-on-one workshop is that you get to learn how to use your own DSLR/digital camera better, rather than generic information. You will discover the the limits of your camera, including camera stability.

You will learn about Landscape, Portrait, Action, Event and night photography, with and without a tripod.

Day 2 (1-2 Hours): Feedback, problem solving and tips based on the photographs taken during the practice break.

What you get

7 hours photography workshop over a period of 2 days

Things to know

If you don’t a DSLR camera, one can be provided to you for use during the workshop.

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DSLR Camera and Photography Workshop


Rs. 4,999

For 2 Days / 7 Hours

On All days of the week

      Anytime between

      9 am and 4 pm

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