The Pretty Little Cupcakes Experience

A cupcake is nothing but a smile, with frosting. Which is why you can never be sad while holding a cup cake (go ahead, try it). So grab a friend or 3 and sprinkle some giggles on one sweet evening with this Pretty Little Cupcake workshop, that’s baked at your home. Don’t have friends? You’ve got us ;), we’ll do this experience just for you too (and you won’t have to share your yummy cupcakes either).

The cupcake fairy will come over with all the ingredients (and even an oven if you don’t have one) and show you how to make the cutest cupcakes ever. This experience is not just about baking, it is about having fun with frosting and going totally wild with your creative side.

Unlike most cupcake workshops, here you will learn to make a cupcake from scratch with important tips and baker secrets to help you bake these delicious treats in a jiffy.

Each participant will get their own kit to make their dough.

The instructor will show you how to bake in your oven, whether it is an OTG or a Convection oven.

Once you’ve baked the cup cakes, you’ll learn how to frost them, making them look too pretty to eat. But oh eat them you will.

While you will make a small batch of frosting, you won’t be able to use it right away as it has to be kept in a refrigerator for a few hours to set. So to save time, the frosting used will be pre-prepared.

You will also make one savory or healthy cup cake

Each person gets to take home 12 cup cakes.

The Instructor become a cupcake ninja and vanishes with all the dirty dishes, leaving you with just your cupcakes, and that sweet smell of happiness in the air.

This workshop is perfect for absolute beginners or even if you need a refresher.

Way cooler than sitting in a coffee shop, eating 2-week-old muffins.

What you get

Learn to make;

1) a vanilla cupcake with fancy frosting

2) an exotic cupcake with regular frosting

3) a savory / healthy cupcake

Ingredients to make four cupcakes of each variety

Cake box to carry them

Things to know

Participants must be over 6 years of age

You will need a table to place the equipment on, during the workshop

We will mail you a list of cup cakes to choose from before your workshop.

- ~ -


For 3 hours

On Saturdays and Sundays

      between 11 am and 5 pm

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At Your Home (Mumbai)

    Also in Pune

You can specify if you would like to make eggless cupcakes.

Areas covered:
Western Line: Churchgate to Bhayander
Central: CST to Mulund
Harbour: CST to Chembur

Rs. 2,149 for 2 ppl

       1,999 for 3 to 6 ppl

       1,899 for 7 to 10 ppl

        Prices are per person


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