Nozzle out your crazy, creative side with a fun fondant cupcake topping experience. Learn to decorate your cupcakes with beautiful designs, patterns and shapes like a professional. Afterall a cupcake without decoration is just a muffin. And nobody loves muffins!

You will learn to bake Red Velvet Cupcakes and then decorate them with coloured fondant. Being easy to make, fondant is the perfect tool to learn with. The 3 hour experience is completely hands-on, so you’ll get plenty of time to try different ideas. And everything you make is yours to take home, along with a nifty recipe booklet.

The Instructor will start off with a nice chat about you and your experience in baking, over a refreshing welcome drink.

Next it’s time to gear up. You’ll be give an apron and a recipe booklet which will be yours to take home, so feel free to make notes on it.

You’ll begin by baking your Red Velvet cupcakes. Once this is done, your instructor will show you how to make fondant from scratch. You will get a set of coloured fondant to decorate your cupcakes as well. The Instructor will teach you how to handle the fondant and make interesting shapes.

At the end of the workshop you will have made and decorated 4 Red Velvet cupcakes, which you can take home.

What you get

3 hours baking and fondant workshop

4 Red Velvet cupcakes per participant

Recipe Booklet

Things to know

Minimum age for this experience is 4 years

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Cupcake Artist Experience


Rs. 1799 per person

For 3.5 Hours

On All days of the week

      10 am, 2 and 5 pm

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