There you are, having a nice time at home with your friends. You step out of the room for a second, and when you come back - holy CSI, there’s been a murder! There’s blood on the walls, a smoking gun (recently fired, not recently addicted to tobacco), fingerprints and lots more forensic evidence. Fortunately, there’s also a professional Forensic Investigator in your room, who is going to show you how to solve the crime.

The CSI Experience brings to life all your favourite crime shows, letting you play a CSI Detective and go totally Dexter over blood splatter. You will get to collect evidence from a crime scene, send it for lab work, get reports and crack the case. This is no detective game; your instructor is a real Forensic Investigator who will teach you how the professionals do it. With fancy stuff, like Financial Forensics, Call records and the works.

The Experience

The CSI Experience is conducted at your home. The instructor will set up the crime scene in a closed room and invite you’ll in.

You will learn the basics of Forensic Science, and how to prevent contamination of the evidence or the crime scene.

Using slides, the instructor will familiarize you with the different types of tests and analysis you can run, and the equipment required.

Once you’ve worn you lab coats, gloves and other gear, you can enter the crime scene to begin making notes and collecting evidence.

You will learn how to lift fingerprints from objects and send them for analysis.

You can also bag anything you find suspicious and submit it for testing.

While we wait for the lab results, you can pour through the list of suspects, their financial forensics, telephone records and statements.

Based on the reports you get, you can continue your investigation, narrowing down to a conclusion on who is the real perpetrator (and no, you can’t frame your shirtless neighbour for it)

You present your final report to your instructor, who will reveal if you got your man, or woman.

What you get

2 hours Forensic Science Workshop for Adults

Forensics Investigator kit to use for the duration of the experience

Things to know

Participant must be atleast 16 years old

If you have a larger group or need a customized option, our Party Team will be happy to help.

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