Unwind with this very colourful Canvas Clock Painting experience that will let you create and paint your very wall clock. This not a workshop or class, it is paint-what-you-want experience at a creative studio that will help you walk home with a ready to hang wall canvas wall clock that is also a painting. You will have an Art Guide to help you figure out the technical elements and assist you with the tough bits, but only when you ask.

The Canvas Clock Painting Experience is a wonderful way to spend an evening alone, or with friends, making a mess and having a laugh. You don’t have to worry about buying colours, art supplies and packing it all up. Just come, paint, sip some tea and go home with your clock.

The resident Art Instructor at the Studio will help you get settled in and provide you with a whole bunch of reference paintings to choose from. You can even pull something up on your phone and go with that.

The Instructor will have a quick chat about the painting you want to do and provide you with technical tips and starting points.

Let the music in the studio inspire or put on your earphones and let your own playlist set the mood.

You will be provided with all the colours you need and be assisted in mixing colours to achieve something different.

If you need assistance at any point with your painting, the studio staff will be happy to help you out.

Once done, give your painting a few minutes to dry and attach the clock mechanism to it. Voila! Your very own painted wall clock is ready to take home.

What you get

12 inch round canvas, a clock mechanism to attach

2 hours to paint

All the art supplies needed, including acrylic colours

Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate

Things to know

The minimum recommended age for this workshop is 5 years.

No Charge Cancellation Policy up to 24 hours in advance.

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Canvas Clock Painting Experience


Rs. 1,649

For 2 Hours

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