Loafing Around Together

Open your oven to the delicious European-art of Artisan Bread. Get a friend or three and knead some quality time together as you’ll learn to make loaves of French heaven, completely from scratch. Your off-the-shelf sandwich bread days are finally over.

Baking bread is a very satisfying feeling, the wholesomeness of a crusty loaf, the lingering aroma from the oven and the knowledge that you are eating healthy. This once-dying art has seen a renaissance with more artisan / gourmet breads returning to home kitchens. Famous food authors like Michael Pollan have recently taken epic journeys to learn this art – you don’t even have to step out. Because we’ll come over with oven, flour and all, and teach you how to make 2 types of breads.

While the first bread is rising, you will prepare ingredients for the second bread and start on it. This will be with minimal supervision, with you taking the lead.

Next it is time to knock down that bread. You will learn how to tell when a bread is proved. No it doesn’t come with an ISI certificate.

While your breads are in the oven, the Instructor will talk to you about a few dips and spreads that go well with bread, the types of flours that can be used for breadmaking and the differences, the history of bread etc.

You will also learn about the proper storage of bread, the possibility of freezing dough or bread, sources of fresh and dried yeast and the difference between the two.

Everybody is given their freshly-baked breads to take home and savour, as well as the recipes, a small package of fresh yeast and a toolkit to get you started.

What you get

Learn to make 2 types of bread

All the ingredients and tools required for the workshop

A set of essential baker tools for each person to take home and apply their newly-learnt skills

Things to know

Participants must be over 6 years of age

Minimum 2 people required for a booking.

You will need a table to place the equipment on, during the workshop

- ~ -


For 3 hours

At Your Home (Mumbai)

     Also in Pune

On Saturdays and Sundays

      between 11 am and 5 pm

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The Experience

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Rs. 1,899 for 2 ppl

        1,799 for 3 to 6 ppl

        1,649 for 7 to 10 ppl

        Prices are per person

We will mail you a list of breads to choose from before your workshop. You can specify if you would like to make eggless breads.

Areas covered:
Western Line: Churchgate to Bhayander
Central: CST to Mulund
Harbour: CST to Chembur

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