Hop into the pilot’s seat of a Boeing 737 airplane and experience what it feels like to captain this big boy in the most realist flight simulator ever. This is no video game, the Simulator is replica cockpit with a very real flight experience. And actual city maps in full topography detail. A trained instructor will be your co-pilot guiding you along the way. Pretty flight attendants not included.

The Boeing Flight Simulator experience is your chance to be a commercial pilot for a day. You can even pick which international destination you would like to fly from. This experience comes in two options, a 30 min slot for a quick flight and a 60 min slot for a more engaging flight.

We’ll start you off in the briefing room where you’ll learn how your aircraft flies, the different controls, how to navigate in the sky and what all those dials in front of you mean.

After the theory session, your Instructor will take you into the cockpit of your Boeing 737. Here we pause for a few minutes till you catch your breath. Yes, it is awesome.

Right from preparing your flight plan to taxing your Boeing to the runaway, you’ll get a hands on experience of it all.

At the end of your experience you will get a Certificate and special souvenir of your first flight.

What you get

Theory lesson

Flying time in the simulator with an instructor

Certificate and special souvenir

Things to know

Participant must be 13 years and above.

Children below 8 can accompany the participant for free.

Flying time can not be shared with other Participants/Guests.

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Boeing Flight Simulator


Rs. 1,949 for 30 mins

At Phoenix Market City, BKC

On All days of the week

      From 12 pm to 9:30 pm

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Rs. 3,499 for 60 mins

Rs. 1,249 for 15 mins

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