The Art of looking Good - Image & Style Workshop

Academics give you a platform, developing yourself further is your responsibility! Agreed that we should be judged solely on our merits and not our appearance. It's a nice idea, but scientifically unsound. The ‘human brain’ makes most of its judgments visually. We form our impression of people within a few seconds of meeting them. Later interactions might change that impression, but the BRAIN will continue thinking that a quality dresser is a quality person. And a sloppy dresser is ..well..umm…careless otherwise also.

So why take a chance? Get it right the first time!! Enroll now to learn the art of looking good by professional Image Consultant – Jasmine Arora and learn to dress as per your body shape, your role in life (homemaker, corporate honcho, working woman, college student etc.) or the latest trends. And looking good will always translate to feeling good. It's one of those lessons that you can't teach someone until they try it for themselves, so just give it a shot and see what Image Consultant Jasmine Arora has in store for you.

The Experience would be in a comfortable home setting. Read on to know why.

This wouldn’t be a regular meeting wherein after a glance or two at you from top to bottom, suggestions and style tips are given.

This would all be done in a very systematic and scientific way using various tools and measuring instruments. Either wear or carry something snug so we can clearly see the problem areas and variations in your body (Now isn’t a home place more comfy). Then with the help of a measuring tools and a mirror, we determine your face & body shape.

Then with the help of a digital device some references would be shown to make you understand the clothing messages and nuances. Different patterns and fabric samples would be shown and made to feel for a thorough understanding.

Various style options and accessories (even for men) would be showcased and tried on to transform you magically.

We will customize the session basis your unique requirements & your roles in life. So for eg, whether you’re from the corporate world and would like to dress as per the guidelines given by your office or, maybe a social butterfly hopping from one soirée to another or even a cool dude straight out of college gearing up to join the big bad world of advertising. Voila!! We help you all.

And wait, there’s more! After the session, a detailed report on the Style Recommendations and Do’s & Don’ts would be mailed to you for any future reference.

What you get

Complete Body/Face Shape Evaluation & Recommendations based on this, including Hairstyle and Glasses recommendations with a professional Image Consultant

A detailed style recommendation report post the session (after 2 days)

And a lovely cuppa

Things to know

The Experience is conducted at the Consultant’s residence.

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