2 Days of Golf

Rs. 2,399/- per person

For 2 days

Sink deep into the greens with this 2-day introduction to Golf at a golf club nestled between the beautiful Yeoor Hills in Thane.



Archery for Beginners

Rs. 999/- per person

For 2 hours

Experience the thrill of a hunter with the relaxation of monk as your lethal arrows fly towards the target. And hopefully hit the target.


Learn to play Golf

Rs. 1,699/- per person

For 2 hours

Tick this one of your list, with our quick introduction to Golf which will have you swinging like a tiger, or atleast a leopard  in no time.



Introduction to Kalaripayattu

Rs. 500/- per person

For 2 hours

Kalaripayattu is martial art in poetry. One of the oldest forms of combat training, it is considered the origin of most martial arts, even Kung Fu.


Rs. 649/- per person

For 2 weeks/10 sessions

Street Fighting Training

On the street, the colour of your martial arts belt has much impact as the colour of your handbag. Though, your handbag will turn out to be a lot more useful. Which is why our Street Fighting experience cuts through the push ups and mindless exercises and focuses on what you really need to know. How to defend yourself. And how to hit, hard.



Introduction to Wing Chun

Rs. 599/- per person

For 2.5 hours

Adopted by Bruce Lee, this Chinese martial art was designed to help a weaker person defend themselves against a stronger opponent. Which when translated into English means, kick some big butt.


Introduction to Squash

Rs. 800 onwards

For 1 hour

If Chess wanted a cardio workout, it would play Squash. Rated as the No.1 intensive sport, Squash is as demanding mentally as it is physically, combining strategy, finesse and endurance. Get a taste of this awesome sport with a built-for-beginners 1hour session, conducted by a qualified Squash Coach.


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