Occupy your window! And turn every sq.foot of sun-light into a bustling organic kitchen garden growing all the herbs and vegetables you can stir fry. And since every house, and its windows, is different, we’ll come over and show you how and what to grow based on your conditions.

This is a hands on workshop, so you will be wristwatch deep in organic compost and coco peat, which is actually coconut husk and so much fun. Within a few weeks you can say goodbye to chemically stuffed, mutant vegetables and get your vitamins from the farm at home.

Our expert urban gardener will help you understand sunlight, crop planning, what to grow and in what.

You will get to play around with different types of seeds, and learn how to sow and water them.

You will learn to grow brinjals, capsicum, chilies, spinach, coriander, mint, basil and lots more. Right out of your window!

These big colourful veggies will look so yummy on your window, you’ll want to just drizzle them in olive oil and toss the whole pot into a pan. But that’s not a good idea. Which is why we’ll even show you how to pluck your greens.

You will plant your choice of micro-greens in a planting tray and leafy vegetables in a pot.

You will also learn to grow wheat grass, which is extremely healthy and quite easy to grow.

We will show you how to transplant a fruit-bearing plant into a bigger grow bag, which are light-weight and very building-friendly. Plus this way you can harvest your first crop within a week or two, while your seeds are growing.

What you get

3 hours workshop at home on Urban Gardening

Analysis of your home to create an optimal kitchen garden

Each participant gets:

1 plant + 1 grow bag + 5 kgs soil mix

1 pot for leafy vegetables + 1 tray for micro greens

9 seed cups + 9 types of seeds + Coco peat to sow the seeds

Organic Wheat to grow wheatgrass

Things to know

To grow vegetables and herbs you will need atleast one window, which receives 4 hours of strong sunlight a day.

This experience needs a minimum of 2 people.

You can never be too young to water a plant, but 4 years and above would be a good place to start.

The Instructor is happy to travel beyond Mira Road, Thane and Vashi, but there might be a small travel cost applied.

- ~ -


For 3 hours

At Your home (Mumbai)

On Multiple Days

Not availabile for the day you want?
Give us a call and we’ll try to bend a few corners.

Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop

Rs. 1,000 to 1,875

      per person

        More the people, more the fun,

           and lesser the bill ;)

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