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The Pretty Little Cupcakes Experience

A cupcake is nothing but a smile, with frosting. Which is why you can never be sad while holding a cup cake (go ahead, try it). So grab a friend or 3 and sprinkle some giggles on one sweet evening with this Pretty Little Cupcake workshop, that’s baked at your home. Don’t have friends? You’ve got us ;), we’ll do this experience just for you too (and you won’t have to share your yummy cupcakes either).


For 3 hrs

Rs. 1,899 to 950 per person

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Hands-on Japanese Sushi Cookery Class

Rs. 3,199 onwards

For 2.5 hrs

Making Japanese sushi is an art, and traditionally takes years to master. We’re going to show you how to create beautiful sushi rolls in under 2 hours! You’ll also learn how to make the famous yakitori skewers and enough knife skills even a samurai would be proud.


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Learn Everyday Makeup

Rs. 1,999 onwards

For 2 hrs

Get some mirror time with a professional Makeup Artist and learn how to apply different types of cosmetics correctly to create the perfect kind of look, from a fresh burst for Monday morning meetings to glitter eyes for Friday night beginnings.


Couple’s Ballroom Dancing

There may not be enough place to stand at the pub, but when a rock n roll number swings out, everyone finds place to jive and swing. Come discover this incredibly addictive that will have you swinging on the dance floor.


Rs. 950 per couple

For 1 hr


Organic Kitchen Gardening at Home

Occupy your window! And turn every sq.foot of sun-light into a bustling organic farm growing all the herbs and vegetables you can stir fry. And since every house, and its windows, is different, we’ll come over and show you how and what to grow based on your conditions.


For 3 hrs

Rs. 1,000 to 1,875 per person

Hand-made Pasta Workshop

There’s no dish in history that has as many variations as pasta. You’ll have oodles of fun making fresh pasta dough, and once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be rolling it out on your very own pasta machine, creating some well-loved shapes such as spaghetti, fettuccini and farfalle. You’ll also learn how to marry pasta to sauce, making the ultimate meal ready to be slurped!


For 2.5 hrs

Rs. 3,199

Tea Appreciation Experience

Rs. 1,299/- per person onwards

For 1.5 hrs

Steep back (pun intended) and let a tea expert introduce you to the very relaxing world of tea tasting. Make friends with Darjeeling Silvers and exotic artistic teas as you learn how to appreciate their delicate flavours and understand which tea works best for you.




Weekend Yoga Retreat at Ayana Fort Kochi

Rs. 34,999

For 3N/4D

Take a break from the done-to-death resort and swimming pool weekends for something a little more nourishing. Treat yourself to a weekend of curated experiences that would include Natasha Mahindra’s yoga classes with live music, a discovery of the historic town of Fort Kochi in Kerala, rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and a cruise on the backwaters.