If you’ve got a bunch of friends, you’ve got a party. Add a couple of laser tag guns and you’ve got a riot. And the best part is that the riot will come to you! The team will come over with laser tag guns, sensor vests and a central scoring computer, help you form Groups and organize a fun 3-hour event, with loads of different game scenarios with upto 8 people playing at a time.

Now you can have play Laser Tag at home, in the parking lot of your building or any where you are having your party. And you don’t need a dark room either, the equipment works fine in daylight too.

The Team will show introduce you to the gear, show you how it works and strap you up.

You can play as teams, or go all out with a Frag Match.

The equipment is yours for 3 hours, and you can play as many games as you like during that time.

The Team will stay all through the event, setting up each game and helping you with the equipment.

What you get

3 hours rental of 8 Laser Tag Guns and sensor vests which work on infrared light, even in daylight + a Central Computer that tracks scores + Technical support at the Location

Things to know

Only 8 players can play at one time

This equipment is suitable for 10 years and above. If the children are younger, we can help you with a similar experience using more age-appropriate equipment.

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Laser Tag at Home


Rs. 13,500/-

      upto 30 people

At Anywhere in Mumbai and Pune

On All days of the week

      10 am to 7 pm

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The Experience

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For 3 hours


The Team will not be responsible for looking after young participants. Managing the participants, forming teams and crowd control will be the Customer’s responsibility.

The equipment can not be exposed to water, in the case of unexpected rains the game will have to be shifted indoors or cancelled.

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